Big Hit Munga Soak

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Crafty Catcher Big Hit Munga Soak are potent water-soluble bait soaks are full of liquid foods and amino triggers that boost pellets, boilies and particles. Perfect for pre-soaking feed when a softer texture and a washed-out appearance is required, a tactic that definitely gets results on highly pressured waters at home and abroad. Impossible to overdose and brilliant for preparing bait in advance.

  • Rehydrate Boilies
  • Infuse Pellets
  • Flavour Particles
  • Boost Munga Mix

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munga soak

Coconut & Maple Cream, Rspberry & Black Pepper, Chocolate & Vanilla Nut, Pepper Peach, Spicy Krill & Garlic, Salty Tuna